Dylan Seabridge Child Practice Review July 2016


Dylan Seabridge died in Pembrokeshire age 8 in December  2011. At an inquest in January 2015 the cause of death was found to be scurvy. The Seabridge family  had lived in Pembrokeshire since 2001.  

The Concise Child Practice Review  into Dylan’s death was published on July 8th 2016. (These replaced Serious Case Reviews in Wales a few years ago) Quotes  from the Review appear below  underlined in italics.

The Review makes it clear that the family was not “hidden” but that information was not evaluated  appropriately and was not shared with the relevant professionals. The Review also finds that procedures were followed.

“in following the correct procedures there was nothing any individual agency or practitioner could have done differently to avoid this outcome”  because “vulnerable adults were not routinely seen in relation to their role as parents.”

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