My Birthday Pledge – To spend the next year working for free for Society

Really awesome intentions.

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I can’t put my finger on exactly when it happened but something awoke inside me to say, “I want to work for Society.”

And the idea won’t let me go.  I have to find a way.

Spiritual practices call this wanting to “serve”.  There is definitely an element to that in how I feel, but on a more basic level – I see such need all around me and I can’t bear to see people suffer.

What stops me from doing this?  Nothing.  Apart from not knowing how I will pay my rent and electricity, food and travel costs.

And that distraction of earning money dispels expansion.  Not just my expansion, but the expansion of so many people I have yet to meet but could help if I’m free of my own need to earn money.

For the past two years I’ve worked in the community as an independent career and employment coach…

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